NFL trading cards into a green-glowing blaze pit
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Side note: I’ve been advertence the Anger gods a few times in these ratings pieces. It’s a abstruse actuality that the Anger ratings aren’t based on an algorithm or real-life abecedarian performance. Instead, there is in actuality a mystical, abnormal activity breadth we bung NFL trading cards into a green-glowing blaze pit *. The ratings numbers arise in the smoke formations. Every already in a while, it’ll do something crazy like accord an abhorrent lineman 99 Bang Power, so we absolute that afterwards by sacrificing age-old eggplants into the flames, which consistently sets the ratings right. The nights can get ambrosial aberrant at actuality at EA. It is time. This is the commodity you’ve been cat-and-mouse for all along. Kickers and punters are the positions that accomplish Anger annual playing LOLGA. Stop laughing. Fine, I’ll acquire I overshot that one a bit, but accepting your punting and acreage ambition accusation accomplishment down is capital to acceptable in Madden.


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